Mom's life in Japan | 24hours | The first part

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【Vlog】24hours of Japanese mom and 17 month-old-baby. My name is Moe. I'm a housewife living in Tokyo. This is my, realistic day from the time I wake up in the morning until I go to bed.
The second half→
Instagram @kimono_mom kimono_mom
Filming location
SHOKUHINKAN AOBA (Grocery store)-
Buriki no Zyoro (Flower shop)-
Music by ARdrink Audio Library


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    Share your skin care routine and tipsss plzzzzzz🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗

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    I just found my new motto, having super healthy glowy skin, adorable and smart babie, lovely husband, clean house, good routine and great cooking skills. See ya in 10 years

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    She is super adorable... I'm fall in love with her. Mom also very pretty

  10. wda monk
    wda monk
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    What a smartie. 17-months old? Lol. My son is 21, doesn't speak a word, throwing food on the ground and only eating...bread, the cheapest one. Books? Lol, how about tearing some pages out

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    why does he get to sleep late and she's up at five cooking and taking care ofthe baby?

    1. trunksjiang
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      @fflwhu U That's classic Japanese housewife.

    2. fflwhu U
      fflwhu U
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      I am wondering the same thing

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    rain paradina
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      there is, just click the subtitle

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    hafize Eser
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